Thought Me Time-Attendance system is an automatic attendance marking system which records, attendance data of a user and generates various reports for further action. It not only saves administrative cost but also facilitates HR to centrally manage attendance policies from multiple locations. HR can easily utilize the software for employee review, appraisals or monthly salary calculation. Automatic calculation of overtime, leave balance, enables managers to work efficiently. Its standalone or network based operation is ideal for schools, hospitals, government institutes, banks, remote sites, hotels, small/large enterprises and many more. Please submit a Form so that we can provide you the best service.

Our completely automated time and attendance solutions reduce labour costs by enforcing pay and work rules – consistently and accurately – across the organization. Labour-intensive timecard tracking, data entry, and approval processing are simplified. And that reduces the administrative time associated with attendance exceptions and employee inquiries — all while minimizing overpayment's and compliance risk.

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