PABX/Voice Systems

Thought ME believes, that whatever the size of your business, you should be able to benefit from a telephone system that makes you as efficient and professional as possible, without having to pay the premium associated with much larger systems.

IP PBX is unique combination of communications applications, software and services helps companies simplify complex communications and integrate with technologies from other vendors, enabling customers to unlock value and potential from their network Internet voice technologies not only reduce the cost of traditional voice service, but also provide far greater functionality and room for growth. GTL offers a full range of network products and services to companies regardless of what stage of migration.

  • IP Telephony, TDM & Key Telephones systems.
  • Voice Mail & Voice Response & Voice Recording Systems.
  • Call Billing & Call Recording Systems.
  • Mobility Wireless Solutions (DECT or 3G)
  • Unified Communication.
  • Hotel / Motel Features Solutions.
  • Telephone Headsets wired or wireless.
  • Annul Maintenance Contracts.

PBX/Voice System in Dubai